Vektro Pack Australia is a wholesale packaging supplier, located in Melbourne and servicing businesses Australia-wide.

We supply quality, affordable packaging for all your needs.

Vektro Pack Australia supplies a range of innovative packaging products for all market segments including the Food, Baby Care, Personal & Hygiene, Homewares, Electrical, Industrial & Agricultural industries. Our manufacturing facilities meet ISO international quality standards and all the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. Vektro Pack Australia prides itself on being an environmentally conscious supplier with all pulp and paper used in our manufacturing sourced in accordance with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We strive to exceed our customers expectations, while placing a strong emphasis on excellence in both the quality of our products and our customer service. This has helped to cement our position as an industry leader and allows us to maintain a competitive edge. Our products include Flexible (plastic and paper pouches/bags/film), Rigid (Plastic/PET/glass pails, bottles/jars) and Printed Cardboard boxes / Shelf ready cartons which are all manufactured on state-of-art machines at our various plants and operations. Our entrepreneurial and packaging expertise spans over a decade providing you, our customer, with extensive experience and world-class solutions to your packaging needs.

Market Segment

Food packaging

Food and packaging for solid consumables

Quality food packaging is essential in maintaining protection, freshness and marketing exposure for all types of food products. With VektroPack’s experience producing and supplying a variety of packaging materials, we can provide the ultimate protection and freshness for all your food products including; Ready-made Meals, Processed meats, Snack food, Fish & Seafood, Coffee & Tea, Healthy Snacks

Liquid packaging


Liquid packaging is an ideal and economical means of packaging liquid products. The high quality multi-layer laminate pouch or a spout pouch ensures excellent product shelf life and a captivating marketing platform for your product with the ability to gravure print for outstanding quality. Compared to traditional bottles, liquid pouches utilise significantly less space, minimising transportation costs and maximising shelf space. They also allow the use of high viscosity product such as gels to be packaged and dispensed with ease due to the soft, flexible material properties. Typical uses include; Beverages (milkshakes, fruit juices, tea, coffee), Energy Drinks (sports drinks, nutritional energy gels), Snacks (honey-based products, ice cream, yogurt), Sauces (mayonnaise, salad dressings, tomato sauce, herb pastes, chocolate sauce, all edible oils)

Packaging for home and personal care

Home and Personal Care

The importance of home and personal care products to maintain a sealed and sterile environment makes sachets, spouted and stand-up pouches the perfect solution. They allow for easy packing and the ability to hang on racks for maximum exposure. Other options include re-sealable pouches, handles and transparent windows for viewing package contents. Typical applications include; Shampoo and conditioners, Suncare and cream products, Cosmetics, Laundry and cleaning products, Supplements

Pet food packaging

Pet Food

From small tin cans for wet food to large block bottom bulk bags for dry food, we cover the spectrum of packaging for all types of pet food including; Dog & Cat food (wet & dry), Pet treats, Bird Seeds, Fish food

Agricultural packaging

Agricultural Products

We understand the heavy-duty requirements for packaging of agriculture products and therefore manufacture our bags with strong multi-layer, high barrier materials. We are committed to providing you with the best packaging solutions to ensure maximum productivity and yield to your market. We can supply the complete array of packaging requirements from small boxes and pouches to large LDPE bags fully printed and labeled to your specifications; Lawn Seeds, Stock Feed, Pesticides, Potting and soil mix

Miscellaneous packaging

Miscellaneous Packaging

Whether you require cardboard boxes for your homewares or shelf ready cartons for your products, from glass jars to plastic spice jars, we can manufacture and supply to meet all your packaging needs. Please contact us to enquire.


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Our Products

Shaped Pouch

Vektro Pack's flexible, shaped pouches can be designed to match your product. These pouches can be equipped with closure systems and/or valves and typically designed to be self-standing.

Spouted Pouch

Spouted pouches are a convenient and cost effective replacement for glass or canned containers. The use of spouted pouches allow for the easy dispensing of the packaging contents and benefit from being recloseable.

Stand-up (Doy) Pouch

Stand Up Pouches have effectively replaced the use of rigid containers as a lighter, cost-effective alternative. They are used for a wide range of product packaging from coffee to pet foods, demonstrating their versatility.

Cardboard boxes

Whether it be fluted shelf-ready boxes, or luxury printed boxes for high-end homewares products with embellishments such as spot UV and foil, we can supply a full range of cardboard products to meet your needs.

Quad seal bag

The structure of these bags provide strength and sits proudly on shelves. These bags, in conjunction with the fin/lap seal bags are popular for use with potato chips, confectionary and packaging of snack products.

Laminated film (rewind)

Our rewind film is produced using the highest quality rotogravure press with up to 12 colour printing. We supply all types of films including Nylon, PP, PE, PET, Foil and Paper with all options including matt varnish and spot UV.

Fin/Lap seal bag

Similar to the quad seal bag, but allowing for a large, continuous print area, these bags are self standing and suit heavy products such as pet foods and agricultural products.

Side Gusset bag

Traditionally used for tea and coffee, these bags have many alternative practical applications with snack foods and baked goods. They are easily filled and sealed and can be equipped with valves.

Plastic Spice Jar

Our clear plastic PET jars can be supplied in a range of sizes from 3.5oz to 16oz with customised polypropylene screw caps in your choice of colour. The jars have a straight profile to allow for easy label application.

Shrink Sleeve

Our quality shrink sleeves can be applied to glass, metal and plastic containers with form fit coverage to almost any container. A cost-effective solution to direct-printing or labelling. Supplied pre-cut or on a roll.

Lidding film

Whether for coffee capsules, yoghurt or fresh foods, our lidding products offer exceptional barrier protection and are of the highest quality.


These are just a snapshot of some of our most popular products. If the packaging product you're seeking is not listed, please feel free to enquire.

  • Shaped pouch

    Shaped pouch

  • Spouted pouch

    Spouted pouch

  • Stand-up/Doy pouch

    Stand-up pouch

  • Cardboard box

    Cardboard box

  • Quad seal bag

    Quad seal bag

  • Laminated film (rewind)

    Laminated film (rewind)

  • Fin/Lap seal bag

    Fin/Lap seal bag

  • Side Gusset bag

    Side Gusset bag

  • Plastic PET jar

    Plastic (PET) bottle/jar

  • Shrink Sleeve

    Shrink Sleeve

  • Lidding Film

    Lidding Film

  • ...more